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The mobile application industry is a huge industry and it is growing on a daily basis because as human communications evolve, we are coming to depend more and more on our mobile devices and these devices are useless without the applications installed in it, For example, In 2019 the top 200 applications in the world generated an average of $82,500 per day and the whole mobile application industry generates a billions of dollars yearly.

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Appco is owned by APPCO SOUTHEAST LIMITED. A company based in the UK with Company number 12469782. Our main business model is sponsoring and building projects. We work with potential startups and we supply the funds to fund their dreams and when the project goes mainstream and starts generating revenue, we get our fair share of that revenue and recently, we made the decision to take our company public and give everyone the opportunity to partake of this lucrative business model.

Crown House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX

Appco Business Model

Everybody might have heard the inspiring story about the origin of Facebook, a brilliant individual named Mark Zuckerberg had the brilliant idea to create a social communication platform, he gathered a bunch of friends and urged them to help in finding the dream but only very few people bought into the idea and today, Facebook generates Billions of dollars in revenue and the few people who invested in that company in it's infant stage are now all millionaires or billionaires.

Appco gives you the unique opportunity to invest in tech startups before they become giants, our business model is simple, we discover fresh startups with unique ideas, fund the development of their applications and when the application becomes mainstream and starts generating income, we get returns on our investment and use these returns to pay our investors who contributed the funds.

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